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54" x 24"
Acrylic on Panel

Several years before the holocaust, the stage was being set for the mass eradication of millions of unwanted citizens in Germany. The elderly, the infirm, deformed babies, were eliminated through "mercy killings" at the hands of doctors and psychologists, spurred on by one German mother who asked a well-known doctor, Karl Brandt, to euthanize her baby girl born with sclerosis in 1936.

Nine years later, the final solution: Over 6 million Jews–deemed inferior, inhuman, a drain on society--were put to death, for the betterment of the "normal" populace. The undeniably wicked path of Hitler and the Nazi regime, on the surface compelled by politics, was actually paved ahead of time by humanistic scientists and doctors, eager to implement their atheistic philosophies in new experiments.

One of these experiments was the Hungerhaus (Starvation House) where elderly citizens would be "mercifully" starved to death. The effects of gradual starvation would be scientifically recorded, the data used for further experiments on other unwanted sectors of society.

It is not difficult to see the parallel between what occurred during the Nazi era in Germany and what is going on in America today. Partial birth abortion, stem cell research, and euthanasia, are just a few of the sign markers pointing out the slippery slope we are taking to the next Holocaust. My hope is that history does not repeat itself.