Tradition Studio: Fine Art by Matt Philleo

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    • Portrait
    • Landscape
    • Symbolic
    • Acrylic Painting on Canvas
    • Acrylic Painting on Panel
    • Graphite Drawing
    • 8X10
    • 9X12
    • 11X14
    • 16X20
    • 20X24
    • 24X30
    • 30X40
    • 36X48
    • 48X72
    • Other:
    • Standard Bust (head and shoulders shown)
    • Half Length (hands shown)
    • Full Length (whole figure shown)
    • No Preference
  1. *You'll need to fill this area in if:

    • You want the painting to have a certain color scheme, different from the source photo.
    • You would like a detailed background in a portrait (you must have a picture(s) of the background, and describe how you want it used in the design).
    • You would like the person painted or drawn to have a slightly different expression than what is represented in the photo(s) you send.
    • You would like additional props, objects or elements included in a portrait.
    • You want certain details on a portrait (such as the logo on a shirt or color of a blouse for example) to NOT be omitted.
    • You have any other concerns or requests.

    Alternatively, you may call me if you'd like to discuss the details of your portrait in person.

    • Yes
    • No