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Acrylic on Panel,
framed by television set front panel
Original: Sold
8" x 10" Artist-Signed Print: $20.00 (+$5.00 Shipping)

We are living in a generation where the art of communication has truly been lost. Even with the proliferation of cellphones, iPods, and the internet, TV is still the emblem of our disconnectedness with each other as human beings.

My painting is done to appear as if it is a snapshot of the TV screen, featuring a young woman joyfully talking while eating dinner. The image calls to mind ideas of old sitcoms from the 50's and 60's, back in a time when people actually did sit down to a meal on a regular basis and talk.

But now, we are becoming a mute society in many ways. We don't talk to each other, and when we actually do, and don't like what the other person is saying, we tune them out, and click the "mute" button on them in our minds. Of course, no need to do that with a painting, because it is perpetually mute. But if this image speaks to you, and you like what it's saying, then relax and enjoy the show.