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Rates - Portraits & Pets

My rates are based on size and detail-which equates to studio time and cost of materials. For full-color paintings, I charge approximately $2.65/square inch for one subject, with an increase for each additional subject. (As you add more subjects, the cost per subject goes down, and as the size increases, the cost per square inch goes down as well.) Black and white drawings start at about $.1.50/ square inch for the first subject.

I want my artwork to be affordable for just about any budget. A smaller sized work may not have the visual impact on a wall that a larger one would, but it will still have an amazing amount of color and detail that will draw your eyes to it. Pick what works best for you! I offer standard sizes made for easy DIY framing. (For custom sizes, contact me, and I'll give you a quote.)

All of my artwork comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty. Order your custom artwork today, with only a 25% down deposit required to start!

Painted Portraits--Acrylic on Canvas (on stretcher bars, unframed) or Panel

  Subjects (People, Animals, Objects, Items, Detailed Backgrounds)
Size: 1 2 3 4 5+
4x6 $300 400 500 600 750
5x7 $400 550 700 775 1,025
8x10 550 850 1,00 1,200 1,450
11x14 850 1,250 1,450 1,4750 2,200
16x20 1,700 2,400 3,100 3,650 4,550
20x24 2,200 3,350 4,300 5,150 6,350
24x30 3,350 4,800 6,250 7,200 8,700
30x40 4,800 7,200 8,900 10,450 13,150
36x48 6,500 9,840 12,500 14,350 18,100
48x72 11,650 17,600 22,200 25,700 34,150

Black & White Drawings--Graphite on Strathmore Illustration Board or Paper (High detail, photo-realistic)

  Subjects (People, Animals, Objects, Items, Detailed Backgrounds)
Size: 1 2 3 4 5+
4x6 $175 200 250 325 400
5x7 $250 325 375 450 575
8x10 350 425 500 700 850
11x14 575 725 900 1,100 1,450

Live Sketches

  15-30 min portrait drawing from life--1 subject. $10/ each additional subject
Come visit me in my studio, or I will travel to you. (Travel fee may apply)
11x14 $25

Subjects are people, animals, objects, or detailed backgrounds. A very detailed background, or any subject with a lot of complexity or detail will be considered as 5+ subjects. I paint directly from your photo(s). Combining several pictures into one painting or drawing is not a problem!

A 25% down deposit is required to start a portrait. This deposit is refundable if a portrait does not meet your satisfaction. For every portrait, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Commissioning a portrait is easy.

1. Email me the photo you want me to paint from, and let me know what you're looking for.
2. After we discuss your project and set the price, I email you an invoice, and you pay a 25% down deposit. I start the portrait.
3. When the portrait is complete, I email you a proof. Once you approve it (changes can be made) then I send you the invoice for final payment.
4. Upon payment I ship out the actual portrait.
5. You receive the portrait! (Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You have 30 days to return the portrait if you feel anything needs to be changed. Rarely ever happens.)

To commission a portrait, or if you have questions, contact me: [email protected] or 715-839-1126.

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